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Are you having problems prioritizing your creative projects? Try this!

painting by Carol Suzanne Niebuhr

So you have a secret. A love affair. Or maybe it’s not SUPER secret – your closest friends probably know about it, maybe even your partner. But it’s nothing you would brag about at work, or tell someone you meet for the first time. In fact it’s something you hardly admit to yourself. It is, after all, a bit embarrassing to say that you have a crush on Art. No, not Garfunkel, we’re talking about the REAL Art here – painting, or making music, or acting… you know what I mean.

When you where younger, you sometimes believed you could make it work. But these days you don’t get together very often. It’s complicated. After all, no matter how lovable, Art is quite irresponsible, and silly, and egoistic. Not someone you can really relay on.


So you’ve been trying to get over with it. You’ve gotten yourself a proper job, and a proper life, maybe even a family. You are doing important and grown up things.


But it’s painful to love someone you cannot have.

You do wish you somehow could find a way for Art and you to get a second chance. Maybe, maybe, you could even live happily ever after…



Clearing the misunderstanding


I have good news for you: You can! It’s totally possible for you to have a sound, harmonic relationship to Art. We just have to clear one misunderstanding first:


Making art is NOT irresponsible or egoistic. In fact creating art is one of the most generous things you can do.


This inner conflict, believing that making art somehow proves that you’re egoistic or irresponsible, is incredibly common among blocked artists. It’s common even among people who are actually making their living as artists! In fact, from my experience from coaching people who struggle with prioritizing doing things they actually love, the fear of being egoistic is one of the top 5 sources to resistance.


Imagine a world without Art

Photo world without art

Photo by #Bladerunner


Think about it for a second. Try to imagine a world without music, without paintings to put on the wall, without literature, without good design or movies or parks or beautiful houses. It feels kind of dull, right?


I use to say that doctors save lives, but artists makes life worth living.  


One of many horrible things the Talibans did to the people in Afghanistan was to bann most forms of art. I’ve seen a list of all the things forbidden during their regime, it included listening to (and of course playing) music, having wedding parties and even keeping pigeons. Basicly it was forbidden to have fun and enjoy life. Even if you took all the violence and poverty away, not many people would have liked to move to Afghanistan those days.



Ready to make a change?


Did I manage to convince you that making art actually can be a nice and kind thing to do? Great!


So how about making a promise to start restoring your love life with Art? Don’t worry, we’re going to start soft. I’m not going to tell you to quit your job and move to an isolated cottage to finally write that novel, or leave for Paris to start painting on some cold attic.


All I’m asking is, could you imagine to spend 10 minutes this week with something you’ve been longing to do for a long time? Like drawing some sketches of your cat – or play a few chords on that guitar that’s collecting dust on the wall, or to turn on your favourite music real loud and dance your heart out with closed curtains?


It’s probably going to feel awkward first – but remember, it would be strange if you had NOT become a bit rusty while staying away for such a long time. And every journey starts with one step.


Do you keep „forgetting“?


If you already tried putting time away for your art, but somehow, magically keep „forgetting“ or in other ways get sidetracked, maybe you’d be interested in having someone holding your hand to help you stay on track? Click HERE to check out the different kinds of support I’m offering.




Over to you: What will you do during your 10 creative minutes this week? Please let us know in the comments below! (And if you’re really brave, how about coming back after you did it and tell us what happened? 🙂 )


Looking forward to hear about your secret love!


/ Ann-Sofi




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PS2. Still not quite convinced that art can make a difference? Whatch this short video. I cry everytime I see it.




PS! The beautiful picture by Carol Suzanne Niebuhr can be bought HERE :)


  1. Hi Ann-Sofi. I love the comment ‘doctors save lives, but artists make life worth living.’ What’s the point in being alive if we’re not living a life we believe in? It’s a beautiful article and the workshop sounds intriguing!

  2. Thankyou Jennifer 🙂 very glad you like it! And yes, the workshop is pretty cool (if I might say so myself 😉 )

  3. Hey Ann-Sofi,
    I spent a blissful 20 minutes sorting buttons into different colours! It was at my local Steiner school and it was so that I could gift the buttons to my partner for her creative projects and it was SO nourishing to do something leisurely, without a sense of getting anywhere. It engaged my senses: my eyes taking in the different shapes and shades, and my hands touching the different textures of buttons. So simple, yet so satisfying.

    • That’s so wonderful to hear, Corrina! Thankyou for sharing 🙂

  4. I too love the line ‘doctors save lives, but artists make life worth living’ – so true! And the video really moved me too!

    • *big smile on my face* Very glad to hear, Hilary – thankyou for telling 🙂

  5. I’m crying while reading this.
    You sooo sooo much read my mind! I got many many songs stored somewhere in my daybooks and files and always put them aside because of the expactations and demands of All-Day-Life and my work. Always think I am too tired or too busy to sing, record or rearrange them NOW!
    Do you really mean, this is not selfish? Just singing? Or Songwriting?
    I so needed to hear THAT!

    • Claudia, you have such a marvelous song-creating gift! Letting your songs come to life would indeed be VERY generous 🙂 (& by the way, at least from my own experience, when I´m feeling tired, sad or stressed out, few things can bring me back as effective as spending some time by the piano. Maybe that could work with a looper as well? 😉 )

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