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Do you sometimes feel that you have “too many interests”? Or do you feel that you still didn’t really find your “Thing”?

Wheater  you’re a person who keeps jumping from one thing to the other, or you’re someone who gets so confused that you cannot choose where to start in the first place (meaning  you often end up doing nothing at all instead) , or you’re someone  simply struggeling trying to balance the life puzzle, The Jam Kitchen is here to help you bring it all together: Your many interests, your health, your home, your family- and social life… You know it’s all important – but how on earth do you find the time and energy to fit it all in without getting all stressed out?!

In these pages you will find the best tools I’ve found for managing this challenge – which very often will have to do with learning to play life by ear, to improvise and jam, rather than following any strict blueprint  – to listen to your heart, to learn to care for the most important person in your life – I’m speaking about YOU :) – and to – slowly but steady – let go of the fear and perfectionism that usually messes it all up.

Who’s doing this?

portrait Ann-Sofi ErikssonThe Jam Kitchen is run by me, Ann-Sofi Eriksson. Among many, many other things I’m a life coach, who have had the privilege to train for the amazing Barbara Sher. Thanks to Barbara’s books I found out that I’m a scanner – a person wo cannot – and should not – choose between their many interests, but instead find a way to pursue them all.

Inspired by her books I left my first career as a landscape architect, and have since then tried a whole bunch of other exciting things, including running a fair trade café, going self employed as web designer and moving to a new country (and learning the language). I have two small children (4 and 6 years) and one daughter who is already 22.

I specialize in helping other scanners create a life design that fits their special needs. I’m also very good at helping out if you feel generally lost, like, there is something missing in your life and you don’t even know where to start looking.

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Very glad to have you here! /Ann-Sofi