If someone had told me even one year ago that Ann-Sofi ErikssonI would be recording an album with my own songs I would have laughed.

Sure, I´ve been playing piano for a long time – and improvising have been part of that for many years. But still – “composing” seemed very far away, not to mention the patience to practice…

But isn´t that the beauty about being a scanner – you never know what waits around the corner!

One day in late May 2017 I recieved a very unusual gift – and this changed everything: As many times before, I sat down by the piano and started to play.  Two hours later I had recorded 12 totally new songs.

I have no idea where those songs came from – but obviously the inspiration was very powerful that day.  Unfortunately my recording equippment wasn´t even close to that league… I had recorded the songs in my cell phone, with the help only of my crappy headset microphone.

The sound quality was lousy, but the songs had something in them that made me think they deserved a better destiny than to just get lost in the eternal archives of a smartphone.

Still it would take me some time to figure out exactly WHAT I was going to do with all those recordings. I´m honestly not a very skillfull pianist – I tend to play new songs all the time rather that practicing and really learning a piece… So what where I to do with all these songs, that I actually really, really liked?

After briefly considering trying to find someone who could play them better than me, I finally decided to make something very unusual for me: Practice!

So that´s what I´ve been doing lately – and learning a lot about recording technique. I´m still not quite where I need to be to make the songs sound the way I hear them in my head – but I´m getting closer everyday 🙂


Below you can listen to some of my songs, in their present state. To get notified about new uploads – and to recieve news about the album I´m recording – please subscribe!